•  I, Rick Thompson, would like to share one of the many conversations Mrs. Cornelia Crenshaw and I had concerning welfare, the many myths surrounding Welfare, and how many Democratic and Republican politicians, white and black, use welfare to further their own agenda to be elected and re-elected to office which keeps  masses of certain people angry and stirred up. Our desire was to find a way to expose politicians that use this government subsidy as their way of benefiting from the people's ignorance and emotions. Their entire intent is to control the people to further their personal agenda of enriching themselves, their families and their friends.

  • Many people in this city, county, state, and nation feel comfortable with the Republican led attack on welfare and other entitlement programs. They are comfortable because, in the words of Mary Frances Berry, "It's clear that welfare has a Black face. The assumption is that when you speak of welfare, you're speaking of Black people.” However, you have only to see that this assumption is absolutely incorrect. Many races of people in this country receive large amounts of welfare as well as other entitlement programs. It is frightening to think that after all the efforts to reach the conscience of this nation, there are so many who are comfortable with an attack on anything that is perceived as Black even when the underlying assumptions are not based on the facts.   

  • History provides the framework for understanding what is wrong with this nation and what we need to do to fix it. Yet many continue to ignore history and what it has to teach us about where we need to go from here. In spite of the rosy, economic forecasts of the experts, the ranks of the unemployed continue to increase. Many White and Black workers have been without jobs for so long, they've given up and are no longer even looking for jobs. The misery caused by the lack of jobs is devastating to  both White and Black families. The solution however, will not be found in a veiled attack against Black people and the programs it is believed we are the primary beneficiaries of. However, if we are wise enough to learn from history and find the will power to get beyond race, we can come up with a course of action that will heal this city, this county, this state, and this nation. We must not continue to elect officials who manipulate us. Our White brothers and sisters must also come to see that their own well-being depends on our ability to elect officials who will deal with the real issues. One of those issues, as many elected officials put it, is the economy. Yes, it is important to reduce the deficit, but welfare reform does not even come close to solving that problem. Finding answers to the very critical issues of job creation, putting Americans back to work, and creating a better health care system would get us much closer to a solution for reducing the deficit. To quote Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. “I have a dream that one day, this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”     

  • Therefore, we need leaders who will not scapegoat welfare because of the misconception that it mostly benefits Blacks. Instead, we need leaders who have the will power to challenge the large multi-national corporations who are reaping huge profits by exporting jobs to countries where they can pay slave wages and by rewarding their executives with salaries of up to a million plus dollars or more a year.   

  • If the politicians truly wanted to attack entitlement, they should focus their attack on the Corporate Welfare of executives and corporations that are being given tax breaks at the expense of the taxpayers and politicians continue to create loopholes for these corporations in the tax structure so they are allowed to continually avoid paying taxes.